Fox Hollow Guitar Testimonials

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Paul Klissner

Don did superb work on my Collings OM guitar, including fret repair, action-lowering and overall setup/clean-up. He lowered the action to virtually nothing, making it much smoother and easy to play, with no buzzing strings, whether strumming or picking, at any fret. That’s a talent for sure. He, replaced 4 frets at a pro-rated price (making it affordable) and the guitar looks like new and plays like a dream now. Don even buffed up the lacquer making 6 or 8 year old guitar with slight hangar rash look like it just came from the factory. Don’s improvements makes the guitar play like always dreamed it could and should for its original price tag. Now I wonder why I didn’t get this done years ago, before my fingers took such a beating and songs were so much harder to play.. Don worked quickly and efficiently completing the work well within the agreed time frame and right on budget, and gave me a lot of tips and good info about the guitar as well..Don clearly has his act together and is passionate about being a master of his craft, and I highly recommend. Fox Hollow Guitars will be the first place I go for any future guitar repair work in the area. It’s a nice drive out to the country and worth the trip.

Al Bennett

...The work you did on my ax made it sound better than the day I bought it. I would recommend — and I have! — anyone and everyone to you to work on their beloved guitars. You have the skill of a surgeon, the care of a craftsman, and the best customer service anyone could ask for. I don’t want to speak for the other Fret Boys — oh, what the hell, maybe I DO! — but all three of us have had you work on our guitars and bass, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for your work, and your concern for us — not just as customers, but as musicians. Hope to see you again soon!

Bill Smith

I recently bought an 02-03 Fender strat. It had been played, I think, fairly enthusiastically.Although it sound-ed pretty good to this rank amature,there was a fair amount of things wrong with it,one being a persistent buzz on one of the strings.I could have easily been talked into a new set of frets. A gent., Don Greenough suggested just reshaping frets.When that guitar came back,I was shocked,shocked,I say ! at how much better it sounded, played, looked.Don did a lot of suff he didn’t charge for, and for the things he did charge for,well it felt like I was stealing from him. Having a Luthier around here of his calibre,and character is fantastic. I can recommend him without reservation,and do. At a later date I will be arranging an event where people can gather together to sing this guys’ praises, and if I don’t do it someone should,I mean it ,this guy is that good. Sincerly W.C.Smith