Fox Hollow Guitars

Temp & Humidity


Try to keep your Instrument is an environment that does not have extreme ranges.

Excessive humidity can cause wood to swell and soften glue joints. Because different types of wood move at different rates, the joints can separate, and under stress will warp, twist, and bend.

Lack of humidity can cause the wood to shrink, split and crack.

Keeping the humidity between 40 and 50 percent will ensure stability. The older a guitar the more stable it becomes.

A small electronic Hydrometer can be purchased from many places (Radio Shack is one) for about $15.

Guitar stores and online store offer several ways to stabilize the humidity in the Guitar case, one of the best is from Planet Waves, it has replaceable pouches lasting about 4 months that raise or lower the humidity to maintain 45%.


Heat at about 120 degrees will soften many of the glues used in the construction of a guitar.

The trunk of a car in 75 to 80 degree heat will soar to over 120 in just a few minutes.

A great way to completely destroy a guitar is to string it to pitch and leave it in the trunk while you run in for a quick lunch. It will find amazing new shapes to twist it's self into. It makes wonderful modern art for your wall but won't play so well anymore.


Cold is not so completely destructive, but... cold will ruin the finish of a guitar. The finish will check and crack. The previously smooth and shiney surface will look like a braille road map of a major metropolitian area.