Fox Hollow Guitars

Guitar Set-ups

What is a set-up?

A guitar set up is the first thing a guitar needs after purchase and the best
way to resurrect an old friend. Set-ups are necessary for both acoustic and
electric guitars. If you want to see almost any guitar outperform high end
guitars, bring your guitar to Fox Hollow Guitars for a set-up today.

Set ups include:

Neck Alignment

Fret Level and Polish

Bridge Height Adjustment


The Fox Hollow Guitar Difference:

The neck is properly aligned with the body of the guitar and THEN set-up

There is no additional charge for planing of the frets like some other workshops

Additional Services to Consider:

Bone nut and bridge replacement to improve tone and sustain

Pickup replacements or additions to improve both sound and tone

Tuning peg replacements to hold tuning longer

Set-ups using the Buzz Feiten Tuning System which are accurate within 1/2 a cent

If you have any questions about guitar set-ups or to see if it's something you
should consider, call us at (541)345-3267. Check out all of our pricing info here.
Basic set-ups are as low as $125, estimates are always free.