Repairs and Services

Current Price List

Refret with non removable neck250250
Refret with Bound Fret Board275275
Refret with Bolt on neck2250
Neck Reset with bolt on neck75200
Neck Reset with glued neck0250
Set up Basic75100
Set up / fret dressing /with nut, saddle150150
Bone Nut6060
Floating Tremelo850
Bridge Reglue065
Replace Bridge75150
Correct Intonation (Acoustic with saddle)3585
Lower Bridge3075
Reshape Bridge055
Replace Bridge Plate0275
Bridge Plate Patch0125
Custom New Bridge0225
Custom New Pyramid Bridge0275
Reglue Loose Brace085
Reglue crack per inch025
Cleat Crack per cleat035
Reglue Pickguard035
Convert to Lefty0225
Replace Tuners5050
Head Stock crack repair200225
Refinish Fender style body4720
Install under saddle pick up075
Install other pickups4075
Replace Switch400
Replace volume / tone pot300
Replace Jack300
Rout new pocket650
Semi Hollow bodies add $2000
Heat press neck100100
Refinish Fender style neck2750
Refinish Gibson style neck and body7500
Refinish Martin style acoustic0750